Touring in Twente!

Discover and experience the surroundings of Twente in a sustainable way

Choose from surprising E-bike and E-chopper packages for a wonderful day through the rolling scenic landscape of the most beautiful region of the Netherlands.

Rock-hard power!

Choose your vehicle

Experience Twente! Do you make a splash with an American Harley Davidson e-lookalike or do you prefer to pedal along on a robust e-fat bike yourself? Our sturdy electric two-wheelers are eager to take you through the beautiful surroundings of Twente. Could it be a little more modest? Then discover the most beautiful places in the area on a traditional e-bike.

Whichever wheels you choose, touring will be fun this way.


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E-Chopper / E-fatbike →

Born to be wild. A wonderfully sustainable means of transport to cruise endlessly through Twente.


E-Bike →

A few days in Twente? On this E-bike you can rely on comfortable cycling pleasure. 

Out and about in Twente? It's that easy

Route ready,
Let's go for a tour

The anticipation starts at home. Which package do you choose and which e-vehicle should it be? Are you going for adventure or do you opt for culinary? In four steps you are guaranteed a successful day with friends, family or neighbours in no time. Your outing is going to be surprising anyway.

Make your choice

Which two-wheeler will you cruise through Twente on? Our trendy E-chopper or E-fatbike will take you where you want to go.

The Route

You can select your favorite route in a handy app. Do you want to go over the Twente hills, through the Lutterzand or along the border? The app will show you the way.

Drink and dry

All that touring makes you thirsty. How nice is it that we provide you with a drink, soft drink with something to eat along the way.


Back at the Uit in Twente base in Losser, the table is set for you. Do you want tapas, à la carte or an extensive BBQ? For the perfect end to the day, we are happy to advise you on the many culinary options.

Here's how we do it


Choose your vehicle


E-Chopper / E-Fatbike →

A wonderfully sustainable means of transport to cruise endlessly through Twente.


E-Bike →

A few days in Twente? You can rely on this e-bike for comfortable cycling pleasure. 

Large group or other wishes?

Of course you can. We have come up with great packages especially for groups. Discover them now!