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In case of very bad weather we can reschedule the booking, only on the day itself. Cancellation by phone due to weather forecast is NOT possible. An occasional shower is not bad weather.

Not to be taken on the road. We take plenty of time beforehand to go over all the ins and outs of the vehicles with you, so you can hit the road confidently.

For the E-choppers and E-fatbikes, you can choose your own departure time during the booking process. The E-bikes can be rented per day, weekend, midweek or week. We will coordinate the time of pick-up and return with you. 

Up to 7 days before the activity, the number of participants can be changed free of charge. One more or less is often no problem, but a major change must be communicated to us well in advance. After all, we have reserved the vehicles for you so we may have to disappoint others.

Of course it is very annoying that you suddenly have to cancel. Seven days in advance you can cancel free of charge. If there is a special circumstance and you have to cancel shortly beforehand, please contact us and we will find a suitable solution. If you let us know after the start of the planned arrangement, we are forced to charge 100% of the costs.

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For the E-choppers, you need a scooter or car license. You must also have this with you on the day of the outing! If you cannot show a valid driver's license, we cannot give you the E-chopper, unfortunately your money will not be refunded. E-fatbikes and E-bikes do not require a driver's license.

We assume that everyone treats our belongings nicely and therefore do not ask for a deposit.

Of course not! In case of a breakdown, we will come to you if necessary. We will repair your vehicle on the spot or get you a replacement vehicle so you can still complete your trip.

As of January 1, 2023, it is mandatory in the Netherlands to wear a certified helmet on the E-chopper. We lend you a helmet and a hairnet for hygiene reasons free of charge. If you have your own helmet you are of course free to bring it. The E-fatbike and E-bike do not require a helmet.

We have created wonderful routes for you in the app "Fietsknoop". Before departure we will go through the routes with you and you can choose one. We do not recommend to make your own routes. If you do wish to do so, keep in mind that you travel +/- 10km per hour and that the route may not be longer than 35km in total due to the battery life.

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A wonderfully sustainable means of transport to cruise endlessly through Twente.


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A few days in Twente? You can rely on this e-bike for comfortable cycling pleasure. 

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Of course you can. We have come up with great packages especially for groups. Discover them now!