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In the Twente landscape

Fantastic and surprising routes

You can download the most beautiful routes in a super handy junction route app. We use the free app "Fietsknoop" for our routes. Very easy to tour from node to node. These lead you along the most beautiful places in the area. Go exploring and discover the treasure trove of Twente.

Breathtaking nature

Did you ever know that Losser has so much to offer? The Losser sand mountains and the Lutterzand with the ancient river De Dinkel flanked by its beautiful sand dunes or a trip along the nature reserve De Oelermars near the German border. Spotting rare birds over the far-reaching water from the bird hide. And who knows, you might even meet a stray deer. Forests, moors, the rolling countryside, the Tankenberg, the Paasberg and the Hakenberg: there is so much to discover on the 100 square kilometres that Losser is about.

Hospitable overnight stay

You don't discover Twente in a day. Take it and book a few days in a nice hotel or a cozy B&B. In the municipality of Losser there are many beautiful places to stay. Are you more into camping? Losser is home to a list of beautifully situated mini campsites, family campsites and nature campsites.

Cultural heritage

Losser is rich in cultural heritage. The Uit in Twente base is located at the back of Steenfabriek de Werklust. Craft bricks were baked here. Many houses in Losser and its surroundings are still built from those bricks. Many of our routes pass the Martinustoren, the Oale Toren as it is affectionately called by the Losser people. Built in the 14th century, the 22-meter-high icon was constructed of the famous Bentheimer sandstone and served as St. Martin's Church. A fire destroyed the church after which only the tower remained. Those who love stories should really visit Overdinkel, the smugglers' village par excellence.

Estates and castles

Visit Erve Kraesgenberg and imagine how peasant families lived in the 18th century. From there it is a short walk to De Bleek where, at the end of the 18th century, women washed and bleached their linen. Or the Lutter farms: Erve Beverborg, Erve Middelkamp or the Jan Wesselinkhoes in Landgoed het Lutterzand. And let yourself be carried away by the many myths and sagas that surround these historic places. From De Lutte you can take a small trip across the border to Bad Bentheim to visit the castle where the Oranje Naussaus were happy guests.

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